Nov 1, 2020

Author Patty Civalleri delivers Art History 

like we all wished they taught us in school!

A Progressive  Author.

A ​Compelling Speaker.

The BEST Visit to ITALY without having to purchase an Airline Ticket!

Patty Civalleri writes for today's attention-challenged Italo-philes. Easy, to the point, DEEP. 

What ASTUTE Travelers INSIST on!


Vast knowledge spoon-fed through imagery.

More than simply eating & drinking your way through your vacation!

Today's Books need a New Approach.
Old Topics Created a NEW WAY for Today's audiences.

And Patty Civalleri surely Delivers.

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[Did we just say WINE?]

Recommended Reading


Keys to the City

Here are the keys to unlock the secrets of mysterious Venice. While everyone else is standing around staring, you will  get lost in this labyrinth city, and come out only when it is time to go home.

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Gems & Giants

While everyone else is spending their vacations in lines at the same crowded restaurants & bars, you will discover the true heart of Florence - not just how to eat & drink your way through your vacation.

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Keys to the Ancient City

Don’t just visit the big super-crowded sites. Visit the ancient archaeological sites that are now open for your visit. Most of them are uncrowded, away from the heat, and will fascinate your imagination. 

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Fig Leaf

Unabashed Art History

After this easy read, you will be able to confidently walk into any Classical Museum, and know exactly what you're looking at! If only they taught art history like this back when you were in school!

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About Patty.

Author, Speaker, Unintended Adventurer

As an author of cultural history-related books for the glorious ancient cities of Italy, I partner with TOs, TAs, and DMCs that serve the luxury end of the Italy travel industry. Additionally, I work with major Brands that wish to promote into this beautiful bespoke market as well.

As a 17-year member of the Director's Council of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, I have become a consummate traveler and adventurer.  I speak at travel conferences, events, and special occasions to help share lessons from our human past. 

If you are in the travel industry, or you wish your brand to travel deeper into this market, please, feel free to reach out to me directly. And I would be honored to speak to your group or organization as well. Or simply to become global friends.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ciao for now,


They Say

Craig V.

" Patty Civalleri’s Rome – Keys to the Ancient City is the book about Rome I have always been waiting for – the one that takes you beyond mere tourist fodder – enlightening and entertaining readers with the deep histories of Rome’s hidden gems that are all too often buried."

Julia A.

" This is the best travel book ever. More history and pictures than you can imagine as you travel around Venice! A must have. The author makes it so easy to read and understand. She also throws in humor! Her Florence book is just as great!"

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