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Behind the Fig Leaf (Pre-Order)


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This item will be released November 01, 2020.

How do people know how to look at art? This book presents Art History for the REST OF US. Never again feel lost in an art museum. Renaissance? Baroque? What’s the difference? 

Now you’ll know, in a fun easy way written for today’s time-strapped readers. Fill your head with those endless ‘Aha!’ moments as you read. With your busy life, you haven’t found the time to take an art history class, but you’ve often thought about it. 

Presented in her ‘travel guide style’ of presentation, travel author Patty Civalleri serves up art history in a way that makes you feel like you just learned something while you were on vacation.

  • You will now be comfortable in any classical museum in the world.
  • You’ll know what you’re seeing, and how to look at new pieces of art, even how to identify the artist.
  • Instantly know the era, the style and how to look for the story.
  • You will know the works of the great masters in your sleep: Michelangelo, Donatello, da Vinci, Raphael, Bernini, Caravaggio and more. Go Behind the Fig Leaf to get the back stories, the secrets, the thoughts in their heads. Bonus: Learn how the Renaissance & Baroque periods affected the world of Architecture.

Have trouble looking at classical buildings in your city? Not any more! Because you’ll get a dose of the architectural minds of the greats as well. And oh, it’s a mighty fun read to boot!

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