FLORENCE: Gems & Giants

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How do you find new and unusual things to do in Florence? This is the best Florence Italy travel tour guide book for 2022. It gives you the keys to the secret past & present of the Renaissance City. Armed with this book and the Spinicity Spinner Board, you will quickly find over 100 sites and activities in Florence. With Spinicity, you will never be lost in Florence, you will ALWAYS know what is around you at all times, and you’ll never waste time because you don’t know where to go or what to do next.

The best Florence Italy Guide book with categories that interest you:

Notable Churches, Museums, Famous People, Famous Artworks, Getting High in Florence, Bridges, and more.

“Get High” in Florence

…by escaping the crowds and finding the rooftops in Florence that have cool drinks, cool breezes, and the BEST VIEWS in the City!

While everyone else is spending their vacations in lines at the same crowded restaurants & bars, you’ll be:

  • • Finding out who the Pirate Pope was
    • Avoiding the Plague Doctor
    • Executing a Mad Monk
    • Seeing where Michelangelo hid from Prison – for 3 months!
    • Visiting Dante’s lost Love
    • Getting drunk with Bacchus
    • Worshipping Skulls
    • Walking through the Gates to Paradise
    • Adoring Botticelli
    • Dining with the Medici
    • Finding da Vinci’s lost painting
    • Igniting the Bonfire of the Vanities
    • Getting high with your Camera
    • Crying for Raphael
    • Knowing the best places for Selfies
Florence SpiniCity Spinner Board with Florence Gems & Giants travel guidebook
Florence SpiniCity Spinner Board with Florence Gems & Giants travel guidebook, updated for 2022 with the new SpiniCity Spinner Board.

Best of all, you will discover the true heart of Florence – not just how to eat and drink your way through your vacation.

The list goes on and on. At the end of the day, GET HIGH! Patty has researched the best rooftop bars and restaurants in the city so you can cool down, escape the crowds, and enjoy the GREATEST VIEWS of the City. This is the best Florence Italy travel guide 2022 for today’s travelers.

Now, THIS is the way to see Florence!

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