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Never has a Travel Author taken you SO DEEP in Venice!

Your new BOX of VENICE comes with everything you’ll need for every member of your family to have the time of your live’s in VENICE while staying independent.

Included in the BOX:

  • 1 VENICE Travel Book by Patty Civalleri
  • 1 VENICE FunBook by Patty Civalleri
  • 1 VENICE SPINICITY Spinner Board
  • 1 VENICE BookMark
  • 4 Wine Disks for that tidy pour every single time!

Go deep with Patty’s Book and coordinating travel tools, all in one box. The Spinner Board will take you to places that you never knew existed, no matter how many times you have been to VENICE. The bookmark, with color-coordinated stickies, will help you keep track within the book and plan for every day of the week. The FunBook will make sure you are playing with VENICE while on the plane or in your hotel room. And the Bottle Opener and Wine Disks will make sure that you are enjoying your off-time in the Eternal City.

Unlike all other travel books, Patty’s travel books and tools were created for the grown-up traveler that wants to know more, has deeper questions, and wants to go slower – instead of cramming 10 cities into 10 days.

Happy travels!

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