VENICE: Keys to the City

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This book will entice you with hundreds of ways to unlock the secrets of Venice. While everyone else is standing around staring, you will:

• Wander from the crowds
• Take a selfie with a gargoyle
• Drink a Spritz while standing up
• Fill your bottle with water from a campo well
• Eat Baccalà
• Learn to make glass
• Enter the Tombs of San Zaccaria
• Find the secret Red Escalator for the best view of the Grand Canal
• Eat & Shop like a Local (not a tourist)
• Get High with your Camera
• Visit an ancient Monastery
Find the Catacombs under San Simeone
• Learn to make perfume
• Learn to make Lace
• Climb the spiral Bovolo Tower
• See an Opera; See a Play; Find Shakespeare
• Locate Short Gondola lines
• Hold hands on a sunset waterfront

Above all, you will get lost in this wondrous labyrinth city, and come out only when it is time to go home. Fall in love with the ancient wonder that still exists in our modern world. This book fills the travel book gap with fun new ways to go back in time to the medieval days of “La Serenissima,” the Most Serene Republic of Venice.

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