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A story well told is... Exquisite!

Now that things are beginning to loosen up a bit, it is time to begin planning for events again. 

For most of her career, Patty has enjoyed a variety of roles in the field of Public Relations. Today, she delivers her love of history (not to mention years of research) to audiences large and small, bringing history, archaeology, and travel to beguiling new heights.

Gone are the days of dry, dull recounts of history text books. Today, Civalleri captivates audiences by providing those 'Wow!' moments nearly every minute of her presentations!

For example, after a mere 45 minutes, the audience will not only feel confident about going to a classical art museum, but they'll know the difference between Renaissance Art, Mannerism, and Baroque art. They will know the Greats and their works so quickly that it will change their lives by opening up a whole new area of the joy and delight of art.

They will fearlessly converse on the topics of the great art of the world, and feel like the smartest person in the room at the evening's events.

And that's just one single topic!

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Renaissance Art History

Get to Know the Masters - FAST!

A semester of Art History in 45 minutes! A fast, compelling gallop through the works (and backstories) of the Great Masters. Fun, Educational, Rollicking fun!


Life in the Dirt - A Collection

After 16 years with Archaeologists, Patty delights her audiences with adventurous accounts. Why would ANYONE want to do this? Super fun!

Italy Travel

Go Deep - or Go Home!

The Roman Empire. The Papacy. The walled cities. The Art. The Wine. What more can a country offer? Patty will show you how to maximize the Italian Experience.


One Sheet
Head Shot
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