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It's Best For

Distance Planning!

When you decide to take a trip, you're pretty excited, right? Then comes the planning-from-home time. Ugh! How are you suppose to know where to go? What to see? You've done the 'top 10' sites. So how can you quickly figure out what to do and where things are?

Our Spin-a-City boards will solve the problem - INSTANTLY!

Morning Planning

So you're sitting in Rome enjoying your morning cup of Cappuccino while struggling to plan your day. But you have no idea where anything is, or even how to find out. You don't intend to read an entire travel book to figure it out. And you don't want to waste time seeing something you might hate. But how will you know?

Our Spin-a-City boards will solve the problem - INSTANTLY!

Standing-on-the-Street-Corner Planning!

You just finished visiting the Trevi fountain. Now what? Waste time figuring out how to get across town to see the next recommended site? How does a person find out what's all around the area where you are standing? How will you know if its something that will be interesting to you?

Our Spin-a-City boards will solve the problem before the light turns green!

Patty Civalleri, Author | Speaker | CEO


I'm Patty Civalleri

I have traveled the globe more times than I can count. Not only did I get really good at it, but I got really picky about how things are set up for travelers: how to find their way around, how to avoid tourist mobs, how to learn more than just a simple paragraph about what I'm seeing, how to avoid the hear, what's all around me, etc.

A few years ago, the Italian Tourism Board posed a question to me that I guess they ask everyone: "How to get tourists from mobbing and clustering around the big sites? They are our most precious cultural assets, and they are being trampled by tourists. We LOVE tourists and visitors to our beloved country. So how can we get people to spread out and see more than just the 'top 10 sites'? We are thousands of years old, and every one of our beautiful cities has more than a mere 10 sites. So how can it be done?"

I pondered these issues as I spent the next couple of years writing books about Italy. And I came up with an answer that is so simple, requires no training, needs no studying, weighs almost nothing, and is super inexpensive. Duh! Why didn't I think of this before?

So how about 101 sites in Rome, 101 sites in Florence, and 101 in Venice? How about where ever you are standing, you can easily figure out what's near you, and whether or not it will be interesting for you?

Meet Spin-a-City. This simple little tool will solve all of these problems with just a spin of the spinner!

And this is JUST THE BEGINNING. Wait to you see the list of cities in world that you will get to see - with just a single SPIN!

Ciao for now!

How It Works


Spin the Spinner. You'll get a Site and a Number.


Turn the Spinner Board over to the map on the back. Find where the site is located in the city.


Turn to that same page number in the book to quickly learn about the site.


Or, anywhere you are in the city, the map side of the board will show you what's nearby, then turn to the page to see if it'll be interesting for you!


Each book comes with a FREE Spin-a-City board.
But only if you purchase the book from this site only.

*The little red numbers on each Spin-a-City board will match the page number in its corresponding book.

Real READERs' Stories

I gave Florence to my daughter and her boyfriend “The kids” are planning their first trip to Italy. A week after I gave them the book to help plan and get excited about their trip, I checked back to see how the trip was shaping up. Not only did the kids read Patty's book cover to cover, they changed their itinerary to spend MORE Days in Florence! And- best of all- he picked a spot he found in the book——to pop the BIG QUESTION!!!


Amazon Customer

This is the best travel book I ever read and I have traveled to many parts of the world over the last 50 years. It is not just the usual travel info but adds humor, intrigue, history and art with the most amazing photography too. It's the only book you need for the complete Florence experience!
I sincerely hope Ms Civalleri continues writing this quality of travel books to many other parts of the world.



I have been to Italy, and Florence in particular, so very many times. Let me just say that this book will change how I look at Florence from this point forward. It is just fabulous. I am also recommending it to friends and family to go to Italy, and also will recommend it to people who are going for the first time and always ask me about details of the different cities. This book is a "must have" resource. 


Amazon Customer

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