Resources & Recommendations

Italian Tour Operator

Giovanna Chiti

Giovanna was the Tour Operator of a trip that I attended with the president of Cal State U Long Beach. She is intelligent and a perfectionist, both great qualities in a guide. A consummate professional, Giovanna handles every situation that will arise with grace and demeanor. She was born in Italy and has lived in the Philadelphia area for many years. This has given her a keen insight to how Americans like to travel. 

Accessible Tours

Stefano Sghinolfi

Stefano's agency ROME & ITALY is important to so many: his firm knows every single wheelchair accessible route and entry point in Italy. Additionally, he can assist you with any type of equipment you may need to suit a wide variety of handicap needs. Over the years we have become friends and he has taken very good care of my friends when I have recommended him in the past.

Gelato in Florence

A few blocks from the Ponte Vecchio

It's a smoldering summer evening, and you are casually strolling along the Arno River to work off that incredible dinner that you can only get in Italy. When you happen upon a gelato shop that all of the locals seem to know about. You know this because they are all here, waiting in line. Join them to enjoy the best gelato you have ever tasted. And if you'd like to know who and how gelato was invented, you'll find the answer in my book Florence Gems & Giants. And hint: it was invented in Florence. (At least according to the Florentines!)