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ITALY TRAVEL RE-IMAGINED: Connect at a deeper level, always know where you are and what sites are all around you, visit at your own pace, and ALWAYS maintain the independence that brings you the most joy!


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The Simple Travel Tool that CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Meet the "Little Planner that COULD!" With this lightweight foldable card, you will easily:

  • Reduce the need to Pre-Plan your days up to a whopping 90%!
  • Select from 100+ smartly categorized sites in each city
  • Know where you are at all times
  • Know what cool site are around you at all times
  • Never miss something because you didn't know it was right around the corner
  • Know instantly what to see next on-the-go!
  • Visit at your own speed
  • Maintain the level of independence that brings you the most joy
  • Get your kids involved - no more boredom - in your trip

How can SpiniCity do all of this?
(Just genius, that's how!)

jack canfield

"Polished, Professional & Thorough"

Patty has updated the way we think about traveling, especially for people over 50. It's interesting that she realized that we traavel differently then we did when we were younger. I know I do. I won a lot of travel book, but Patty's are uniquely different. Polished, professional & thorough, we sure could have used her books when we were hosting forums in Italy!"

Jack Canfield   (Yah, it's really him!)
Renowned author of the well-loved "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series

Becoming Trader Joe book by Patty Civalleri

This book makes a TERRIFIC gift! 
(along with their favorite beverage, of course!)

There REALLY WAS a Joe! 

Welcome to the founding story of America's 'sweetheart' grocery stores. This book is the culmination of Joe's own personal journals which Patty Civalleri turned into a book. Published by HarperCollins Leadership, over 50,000 copies have sold.

Jonathan Levin, Dean
Stanford Graduate School of Business

"Joe Coulombe built Trader Joe's on innovative management, creative marketing, and keen storytelling. This book is a wonderful account of how he did it, and of entrepreneurial spirit in action."

About the Author

Hi, I'm Patty Civalleri

Often I am asked why I wrote these books: We have been taught to travel a certain way, feeding commercial agendas and  shallow ways of spending more money while lacking true depth. 

During my 20 years of deep global travel, I could not find the guide books that would take me deeper than simply being a surface-level tourist. I wanted to hit the ground with an understanding of who the culture was, how they grew into today and what was important to them. Instead I was taken to restaurants (fine, but not the focus), standing in ticket lines, and rushed around in mobs while being fed tiny morsels of data that do not fit together. Not a good value for the time and $$$ spent. Additionally, I didn't like the pre-planning part of traveling, I was a historian seeking depth, and a photographer that wanted the best angles. (Picky, demanding girl, eh?)

If any of this sounds like YOU as a traveler, then I invite you to take a deep dive into getting the very best trip to Italy that you'll find elsewhere.

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Intelligent Books for Smart Travelers

Happy Readers / Travelers

We have been to Italy several times before. These books will change the way I look at Italy from this point forward. They are just fabulous! I am recommending them to friends and family that visit Italy because they are a much-needed resource.

Linda - Amazon Customer

I have used many travel guides like Rick Steves or the DK Eyewitness guides. I have been in Rome previously. This is by far the best guide I have ever purchased. I especially like the sections on where to find the art by various artists. The history and lists of rulers are concise - I have never seen a comprehensive list of all Roman rulers. I have also purchased the guides to Florence and Venice which are equally excellent.

Jennifer - Amazon Customer

This is the best travel book ever. More history and pictures than you can imagine as you travel around Venice! Sure, we got lost. A lot. But this book showed us what to look at as we found our way around. Even the symbolic writing on the buildings.  A must have. The author makes it so easy to read and understand. She also throws in humor (you've gotta read page 118)! Her Florence book is just as great!

Julie - Amazon Customer