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COMING ~ June 2021

New book "Becoming Trader Joe" by Joe Coulombe with Patty Civalleri

Becoming Trader Joe, by Joe Coulombe with Patty Civalleri ~ Published by HarperCollins Leadership

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Becoming Trader Joe: 

How I Did Business My Way and Still Beat the Big Guys

Roll up your sleeves because you're going to LOVE JOE's STORY as much as you LOVE GOING into the STORE!

This is the real story of the evolution of one of the most loved businesses in American history: Trader Joe's.

Written by "Joe" himself (with Patty Civalleri), this book is packed with ideas to inspire today's entrepreneurs on the road to building their own success stories. 

Joe Coulombe founded what would become Trader Joe’s in the late 1960s and helped shape it into the beloved, quirky food chain it is today. Realizing early on that he could not compete and win by playing the same game his bigger competitors were playing, he decided to build a store for educated people of somewhat modest means.


Joe has excellent tips and advise, and he shows you how to 'see' things the way he did: Quality, integrity, uniqueness, perseverance. This book will help you to find a clear path toward your goals. How did he choose products? How did he see his customers? How did he treat his employees? Joe set out to create a business with a 'cult' following. Did he succeed? Can you?


The 'Trader Joe' Book Launch will take place in Southern California, June 2021.
If you are interested in attending the Book Launch, let us know where to send your invitation.

This is the book I have been waiting for!

"Patty takes you beyond mere tourist fodder - enlightening and entertaining readers with Italy's deep histories and hidden gems that are too often buried. This is the book I have been waiting for!"

Craig V., California


Patty let's me travel from my couch...

"With today's travel challenges I can take a virtual trip to Rome just by looking at all the photos. I can travel from my couch with this book on an enjoyable trip through Rome! I can't wait for Patty's next book!"

Suzanne M, S. Carolina


Best book of Florence that has been produced...

"Fantastic book full of information, history and wonderfully illustrated. I downloaded it but think i will buy a hard copy too. Best book of Florence that has been produced for a long while"

M. Wallace, UK


A Progressive Author.

A Compelling Speaker.

The BEST Visit to Italy without having to purchase an Airline Ticket!

Patty Civalleri writes for today's attention-challenged Italo-philes. Easy, to the point, DEEP.

What ASTUTE Travelers INSIST on!



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