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The sites haven't changed much for the past few millennia, but the way we see them definitely HAS!

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Jack Canfield

"Patty Civalleri is an amazing woman who has updated the way we think about traveling. Her new books really ARE different. She has shown that there really IS a better way to travel!"

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ROME Keys to the Ancient City

Have you ever wanted to visit an archaeological dig site? Well, put on your Indiana Jones because here you go! ROME has some of the coolest archaeological sites in the world, and they are all waiting for you! Over the past decades, archaeologists have uncovered a huge amount of Rome's history, and this is the only guide book that will help you get to all of them. And with our FREE Spinicity® Spinner Board, you will quickly find over 101 sites to visit in Rome - all on your own! 


The NEW SPIN on Italy!

Avoid losing precious time during your vacation by always knowing where you are, what's all around you, and what might be interesting to you. With SpiniCity® Spinner Boards, you can avoid lines, spread out in the city, and see at least twice as many things than you would if you were constantly lost. 


Traveling this way helps spread tourists throughout the cities. This, in turn, reduces the heavy foot-traffic in the 'top-10' sites. Which, in turn, contributes to the long-term preservation of our important Cultural Heritage sites.

Each time you return, you don't need to keep seeing the same old sites, because SpiniCity will take you to over 100 sites in your favorite Italian cities.

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About Patty


For 16 years, Patty served on the Director's Council of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA. During those years, she traveled with scientists to research lost and ancient cultures. This experience made her an expert traveler that wanted to know more. A marketing writer and photographer by trade, Patty took her love of history, archaeology and travel and mushed them together with her natural inclination for writing and photography. The result is a new line of travel books and tools that incorporates today's way of thinking mindfully while going deeper than ever before.

What the Experts are Saying

"Where were Patty's travel books when we were doing seminars in Italy? I own many travel books, but Patty's are uniquely different. Patty, keep doing what you're doing. I LOVE it!"

Jack Canfield Author of the beloved "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series

As the author of nearly 50 travel books, I know travel books! Patty has done something very unique here. She has a way of making you 'see' your trip differently. You will go deeper and leave more satisfied.

Dr. Zahi Hawass Minister of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, ret;
National Geographic Fellow

Pictures, pictures! Who wouldn't want a ton of photos to help them to visualize history? Not just a travel book, but one that will compel our students to dig deeper ~ and have fun while doing it.

Dr. Jane Close Conoley President, California State University in Long Beach


I’ve been to FLORENCE four times before reading the book, but still found a lot I didn’t know, hadn’t seen, and started looking forward to seeing when I get back. A refreshing new take on travel guide books.

Amazon Reader

ROME: Am enjoying this book, mostly loving the layout. Great information, pictures and the recommendations on places of interest that are so close to major points of interest. I can’t wait to explore this book more!

Dina, Amazon Reviewer

VENICE: The map, book and spinner work well together. SO easy to find attractions that you are interested in or were not even aware that they existed, then see exactly where they are in relation to each other and read up on useful information.

Mom of Four, Amazon Reader

The NEW SPIN on Italy!