• Author
    My dad wrote. My son writes. I write, naturally. It's in the genes. I have written for many others during my professional career. Now I write for you!  My heart is in mindful travel, but my pen goes everywhere, even with Trader Joe!  😉
  • Speaker
    I speak because I love to talk. Try and stop me! I love to smile and to make people smile. I enjoy finding the pulse of every single audience, large or small, and flowing with them. I REALLY love people, in all aspects of my life. I find that I am constantly among people in different ways on a daily basis. Gotta love people!
  • Historian
    After 16 years on the Director's Council of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, stuff tends to rub off onto you. Spending thousands of hours in the ancient depths of human history, and absorbing excellent lectures by professors and global historians, teaches you a heck of a lot about history. Like how to unravel it and reassemble it in a fashion that makes sense, how to prioritize it according to the issue at hand, how to make sense of it, and most of all, how to pass it along in a way that his fun and easy for others to absorb. [Btw, my worst subject in high school was history!]
  • A Global Lens ~ Journey with me
    All of that world history makes you see the world through a global lens as well the lens of time. Through my writing and speaking, I hope to introduce a new way to 'see' travel that doesn't involve herding and tromping through the eventual destruction of our gorgeous and beloved cultural heritage sites. 2 years without the ability to travel has enabled me to re-think travel and to usher in a whole new mindful way of traveling.
  • So let's DO THIS!