Patty Civalleri

Author, Speaker, Unintended Adventurer

As an author of cultural history-related travel books for the glorious ancient cities of Italy, I partner with TOs, TAs, and DMCs that serve the luxury end of the Italy travel industry. Additionally, I work with major Brands that wish to promote into this beautiful bespoke market as well.

I specialize in Travel With The Author excursions for those that wish to travel deeper, and I speak at travel conferences, events, and special occasions to help promote the Italian travel interest. 

If you are in the travel industry, or you wish your brand to travel deeper into this market, please, feel free to reach out to me directly. I would love to learn about your business to see if we may partner. Or simply to become global friends.

Sure, but Where Does TRADER JOE's Fit In?

As a writer, I meet people that ask if I might be interested in participating in their book, in one way or another. I am in the habit of declining, but when a dear friend asked me to be involved with his best friend's book, I was intrigued. The dear friend is Leroy Watson, the 1st employee of Trader Joe's. His best friend was Joe Coloumbe, the Founder of TRADER JOE's. As a true fan of the store, how could I possibly decline?

Although Joe had already completed the book himself (and what a great job he did!), I claimed the title of Ghost Writer, and proceeded edit it, and to work with my agent to find a Publisher. And the winner was: HarperCollins Leadership. 

But the saddest thing happened: Joe passed away during the publication process. Then we went into global lockdown due to Covid-19. And my travel book sales skidded to an abrupt halt because the world stopped traveling. My professional world suddenly became unstable.

We persevered with the publishing of the book posthumously, and are set to release on June 22, 2021. This book is a great legacy piece to Joe and his family. And we (the team) are confident that Joe would be ecstatic if he were alive to see it launch.

RIP Trader Joe.