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Price: FREE
inside every printed Italy Travel Book by Patty Civalleri

...is a new lightweight, foldable, pocket-able tool that opens up Italian cities making it incredibly easy for visitors to locate over 100 sites in the major Italian cities.
AND to know what great sites are all around you - 
no matter where in the city you are!

Be the first to know when we add new cities to our Spinicity™ collection!

How it Works

Step 1

Spin or select from over 100 sites and activities on the SpiniCity Spinner Board. The arrow will point to a NAME and a RED NUMBER. In this case, 200. The site is called "The Vasari Corridor."

Step 2

Turn the board over to see the map of Florence. Look for 200. Now you know where "The Vasari Corridor" is located in the city.

You can also see many other sites all around that area.

Step 3

Turn to page 200 in Patty's book. Quickly learn about “The Vasari Corridor.” (Chances are that you are already standing under it but didn’t know it. You know its bottom-side as the beautiful Ponte Vecchio Bridge. But did you know that you could go on TOP of the bridge to find this 500-year-old above-ground tunnel?) Surprise!

Very simply, our SpiniCity™ Spinner Boards are a highly organized (and might I say, creative?) way to organize a destination city. Our trademarked & patented (pending) boards are color-coordinated by site type, and they tie directly with the city map on the back of the board, as well as directly to the page numbers in the book. NOTHING makes traveling to a complicated city easier than our Spinicity™ Spinner Boards - and they're FREE inside each printed book!

  • Folds up to fit in your purse or backpack
  • Lightweight
  • ALWAYS know what sites are nearby - no matter where you are in the city
  • Cities are indexed by Category
  • Reverse-side City Map shows over 100 sites in each city
  • Each site is described (with gorgeous photos) in the matching book
  • VERY affordable!
  • Spin to surprise yourself with new places to visit!



The end of  'herd' travel starts here. Spinicity™ spreads people throughout the city by opening up over 100 sites in the major Italian cities, and makes them super easy to locate. Spread out and enjoy more!


Always know where you are and what sites are all around you. Spinicity™ enables you to see far more sites than you would if you spent a lot of time being lost. Navigate Italy's most popular and complex cities without help!


Over-crowding has done major damage to our historical sites all over the world. Spinicity™ decreases crowding making it easier to maintain these precious sites, extending their life for future generations.

Award-winning Travel Author Patty Civalleri has spent much of Covid re-thinking how we travel. Her background in history and archaeology has given her a unique appreciation in the preservation of Cultural Heritage Sites all over the world, leading her to create these simple travel tools that solve really big issues.