What is

The New SPIN on Travel

The solution to mindful travel is so simple that it might be overlooked. BUT...
Our Spinicity Spinner Boards are a game changer. 

Still seems too simple? Read on...

Big problems don't always require big solutions.
Our little Spinicity Boards are packed with BIG problem-solving common sense!

Defining the Problems

In order to understand the solution, it is important to first understand the things that are causing pain in the world of tourism. The pain points are felt by both the tourist as well as the destination. These issues are similar in every major destination city in the world.

Herd Travel

The emphasis on 'top 10 sites' has caused tourist mobs to cram into the same 10 sites in every major destination in the world. But locals don't know how to spread visitors out to see all of the other available sites.

Site Damage

'Mobbing' causes great damage to our greatest Cultural Heritage sites. It also makes it difficult to keep them maintained and strong. Many of these sites are on the brink of extinction, never to return. Preservation is tomorrow.

Lack of Funding

Local businesses don't see tourist dollars because they are not directly on the 'path'. Instead, tourist traps have take over the best areas leaving visitors with the wrong impression of these cities.

Expensive Travel

'Speed Travel' has become very popular. It checks off lists, but travelers pay dearly to barely touch sites beyond the expensive tourist traps. There is not enough time to connect with their destinations.

Solutions for the Traveler

1. The Index

101 Sites are color-coded by category: Museums, Sites, Churches, Fun Finds, etc. Now you can focus on just the categories that are interesting to you. Pick a place, then look at the little Red Number. 


  • Frees you up to easily find 101 sites around the city
  • See only what is important to you - rather than what everyone else automatically sees

2. The Map

Flip the Board over to find the Map of the City. Locate your little Red Number to see where the site is located in the city. OR, if you are standing anywhere in the city, the little Red Numbers show you what is all around the place where you are standing


  • Always know where you are in the city
  • Always know what is all around you no matter where you are
  • Never waste time being lost. Go from one site directly to the next

3. The Book

The little Red Numbers will also take you to the right pages in the matching Book! A quickie read, and you can decide where to go next - before the light turns green!


  • Lots of photos mean fast decisions
  • Text that will take you as deep as you want to go
  • Decide where you want to go next - before the light turns green!
  • Have time to see way more sites during your precious vacay time

4. The Surprise

Frequent visitor to the city?
Spin to learn about a whole variety of new sites to see and ways to see them

Traveling with kids?
Let them spin to find the place you'll all go today. Then let them read about it and teach the rest of the family. Talk about ownership!


  • No matter how many times you have been to this city, you will always find new places to see
  • See things differently by getting high (don't know what that means? it's in the book!)
  • Fantastic solution for kids that are acting bored during your vacation. Let them run the show for awhile. It's a game changer!

Solutions for the Locals

What's Good for the Locals

Our Spinicity solution, as simple as it is, solves many issues. After many conversations with National Tourism Boards, we noticed they had very similar concerns. These concerns are all neatly addressed simply, easily, and inexpensively with Spinicity.

is GREAT for their Visitors!

  • Mindful tourism means cutting way back tourist mobs that crowd and destroy monuments
  • Visitors can easily spread out around the city
  • No concerns about retraining guides and agents
  • Spreads tourism dollars to other parts of the cities
  • Makes it easier to maintain sites & monuments
  • Cities can get better national tourism funding
  • Promotes mindful travel while visitors learn more about the local history and/or culture